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What is FCQ World Wide, Inc?
FCQ World Wide is an offspring of FCQ Eximtraders Inc which was a corporation established in Cebu City, Philippines in 1976. It mostly exported fashion jewelries.

Tell us about FCQ's history.
FCQ Eximtraders Inc started out in 1976 as a business among Francisco siblings, two brothers, a sister married to a Concepcion and another to a Quisumbing. That's where those initials come from. We like to think of those initials now as representing First Class Quality.

The company was one of the thousands born out of the puka and heishi gold rush in the 70's. FCQ did very well then and unlike most, even survived. Then again in the 80's, we pioneered the development of designer beads and components and did even better. The 90's though saw a break-up of the ownership structure and huge downsizing. Thus, FCQ World Wide, Inc was conceived. The company is now actively run by a core group of old-timers / employees who have stuck with it through thick and thin. And that's us...

What kind of items do you export?
80% of our exports are hand made, made to order, buyer designed jewelry components and finished products. About 20% are small household decor products, hats and bags that are similar in the manufacture process to the production of the jewelry items.

Our products are made mostly from natural materials like wood, bone, coco, shells, fibers and others. We also use resin and clay or a mixture of both to make synthetic imitations of amber, tortoise and other semi precious stones. The crafts involved in the production of the items are wood carving, painting, dyeing, molding, inlay, sand art, paper mache, bead making, grinding, polishing, in short handicrafts.

Where does FCQ World Wide, Inc.get its products?
In Cebu City and outlying area, there are approximately 1,000 small cottage industry units employing anywhere from 5 to 100 workers, craftsmen and artisan. At the same time there are around 100 exporters whose business is to introduce the products to their contacts abroad. FCQ World Wide, Inc. is among the oldest and most established of the group.

Our Mission Statement.
To provide the world market with fashionable products, good quality, good service, prompt delivery and innovative product development. And To make our city of Cebu the Costume Jewelry Center for Arts and Crafts in the world.

- FCQ Management -


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