Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Can I order in small quantities?
We have a minimum order of $25 each style. Orders below $25 would be subjected to a corresponding premium price.

What can you do for us?
We keep you abreast of what is going on in our industry by way of a newsletter if you sign-up to our Fashion Alerts. But we don't talk specifically about other customer's exclusive lines.

When we get an order from you, our processing includes the selection of the most capable craftsmen, following up on the orders, oftentimes on urgent orders, our runners are out day and night.

We also have a full staff for doing quality control and we examine each item individually. This does not guarantee perfection, with handmade stuff, seldom can anything be called perfect. But the process does bring the items a lot closer to that. We pack, and pack oh so carefully.

If required, we will do carding and ticketing of items for a few cents more only.

If like other customers you want to come over, we of course would only be too happy to show you our showroom .. .. and that is part of our inherent hospitality .. we don't charge for this.

Do you carry inventory?
Hardly. When we first promote an item we try to carry a small quantity but only in anticipation of sample requests or order. After we run out of them, if we don't decide to augment the stock, all those one or 2 pieces you may ask for will be made individually. Just so you know.

What if my client is very strict on colors and sizes?
Whenever it is required, so are we. You will have to let us know Pantone color numbers, width, height and thickness to be more exact.

Are your products environmentally friendly?
All natural material are biodegradable. We use a certain amount of resins but unless you are talking of ordering by truckload, the volume is negligible.

Are you environmentally conscious?
We try our best to be. We recognize that natural waste by products like coco shell, bark, horn, bone and the non-edible part of shells are all materials that makes real sense to promote, (except when a shortage develop). We also pioneered the use of clay and similar materials to substitute for corals and some type of wood whose further use is endangering our environment.

Payment And Credits

Do you extend credit?

What modes of payment are acceptable?
For all new customers, when you place an order, we require a deposit of at least 50% in our hands before we start processing. The balance is required upon completion of the order and before we make the shipment.

Telegraphic Transfers to our bank is the most convenient for us.

Checks are acceptable if the order can wait for about two months before processing, that's usually how long it takes to mail it to us and then for our banks to get it cleared.

Payment by credit cards like visa, master and amex are accepted.

Payment by PayPal is also accepted.


How do you ship?
For samples and small shipments up to 40 kilos, we suggest couriers like Fedex, UPS or DHL which deliver door to door.

For bigger shipments, we use freight forwarders like Geologistics, Emery, etc. These freight forwarders offer very good rates for big shipments. Your own broker will be the one to clear and release the goods for you.

What about returns?
Everyone's nightmare right? In the first place, we try our very best to avoid that by sticking strictly to instructions and closely to the actual samples. However this thing still occurs every now and then.. And because of relatively high shipping costs, our customer usually has to keep it. We, however, along with our suppliers, tend to share the cost of this loss with a hefty rebate. We have no fixed guidelines on how much though because oftentimes the merchandise can still be sold and our customers do try to dispose of them.

Customer Service

What is an (AE) Account Executive?
Your account executive is your special friend in our company. He or she will communicate directly with you. She will answer questions, clarify matters, take your orders, inform you of the status of your orders, negotiate with the suppliers directly about your orders, inspect the quality of the products you ordered, make sure shipment gets shipped as promised. And she is also the one you haggle with over prices, the very same person who will haggle with our suppliers over the prices of your items. He or she is the one who loses sleep so you don't lose yours.

How many account executives do you have?
As of this writing, we have Sue, Lisa, Angie, Stella and Rosita. All of them except for Ben have been doing AE work for us or our sister company for over 15 years. A lot of experience is an important ingredient for this line of work. And if you think we don't have enough Account Executives if we get more customers, you're right! However we do have a rich pool of Account Executives who have worked for a long time with us in the boom times of the 80's.

Can I choose my account executive?
Our Account Executive's are trained and taught a standardized product knowledge of our items and operations. But we won't be publishing any kind of ratings on them. You probably will want to start out with whoever is assigned. However, if for whatever reason at all, you are not satisfied with your Account Executive, you may request somebody else to be assigned to you. In this case please send an email to Lisa Samson at lisa@fcq.com.

Do you have a Research and Development department?
Yes, we do and it is headed by Ben Diaz. You may email him directly at ben@fcq.com if you wish to resolve some technical questions regarding the production specifications of an item although your Account Executive could also find out for you. He's also the guy to talk to if you want us to do a totally new kind of item or use a new material. We love expanding our skill and material base.

Do you do carding and ticketing?
Yes, we do. We need to have the cards and tickets at least a week before shipment.

We're new customers who would like our own new lines made?
Send us an email, preferably with picture or sketch of the components. We'll get back to you on whether you need to place a deposit with us and how much. One of a kind new samples will be priced differently than normal orders.

Do you seek long term relationships?
Notwithstanding email and this website, it is not too easy to establish a relationship in the first place. It takes time, lots of emailing back and forth, getting the right samples to prospective customers. We nurture a new customer for months sometimes before getting some results. Naturally we seek to hold on to them. And we're sure they feel the same way.

Can you ship my orders directly to stores?
We have done that in the past, but yes, just supply us with the instructions and we will do it.

How do we begin a relationship with FCQ?
Before the age of the internet, importers who were brave enough ventured forth to the third world, including our own place. We got to know them personally and we became friends too. Needless to say they usually bought huge quantities. How else could they pay for their trips?

The internet promises to change some of that. We still look forward to building a relationship, selling huge volumes and making friends. The big difference with the internet is that you don't have to come over to build that relationship. You can now see more of our display on cyberspace rather than in our physical showroom.

If you are the buyer we're looking for, you normally buy in good volumes too. We'll start by sending you samples images, if you take the time to email us on what items you are interested in. Then we can start from there. It is not uncommon though that we receive mail informing us of how well our Account Executives perform. All of us really plan to please.

Exclusivity & Other Related Policies

Are you willing to sign exclusivity contracts?
We are willing to examine and sign a fair deal if our clients needs the protection.

Can we place an order from your competitor's item that I know came from you too?
If it is exclusive, no, unless we have the client's permission.

If I carry a line you made for me and the designers buy samples from me what's to prevent them from buying it from you directly for volume orders?
But we believe in supporting our Beadshop partners so I suppose we could work out a deal on a case to case basis, until the practice becomes fairly standard, whereby we recognize the Beadshop's ownership of his designs like they were intellectual property and either pay him a royalty or refuse to take the order.

What is your Return Policy?
If you would like to return an item for any reason simply return it to us, postage paid in original condition and packaging along with a copy of your receipt, within 30 days for an exchange and within 15 days for a refund. If the merchandise appears used/worn we cannot accept it for a refund or exchange. Shipping charges are only refunded if we have made an error.

What is your Privacy Policy?
Your privacy is very important to us. We promise we will Never give, sell, or trade your information with anyone. We will only use your information to process and ship your order to you.

- FCQ Management -

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why buy from us
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